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Walnuts are one of the richest nuts available in the market. We supply walnuts with a superfine quality. Each walnut is packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, magnesium and anti-oxidants. The walnuts are light brown in colour with a nutty flavour. It imparts a rich aroma to the food.

Our walnuts varieties include:

  • Walnut Snow White Halves
  • Walnut Light Halves
  • Walnut Quarters
  • Walnut Halves


Colour ( light Brown ) Amber ( Dark Brown )
Flavour/Odour Typical, like nut, not foreign, Not Rancid, Not musty
Taste Nut Aroma, not old, no off taste
Consistence Crisp, Solid
Moisture < 5%
Total Defects < 3%
Oily < 1%
Industry (dried &black) < 1%
Uneatable < 0.5%
Free fatty acid < 1%
Peroxide Value < 2 meq/kg
Total ash content < 0.1%

Packaging & Loadability

Packing Bags 5 kg Vacuum pack
Packing Bags 2 pack in a carton box ( 10 kg )
Packing Bags 1200 carton box can load in a 1x20ft container
Loadability 12 MT per 1x20ft container

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