Suiting Fabric

As the name implies, suiting fabric is used to make suits, trousers and blazers for men and women. Our suiting fabric is a polyester and cotton blend. It is recognised for its fine finish and quality. It is made from a set of fine weaves. It is extremely durable, stretchable and easy to maintain. We offer plain suiting fabric, ripstop suiting fabric, oxford suiting fabric and twill suiting fabric.


  • 2/30s x 2/30s, 66 x 48 \ 196 GSM \ 138 cm width \ plain weave
  • 1/20s x 1/20s , 114x 64 \ 228 GSM\ 150 cm width \ RIP Stop Weave
  • 2/40s x 2/30s, 113 x 60 \ 268 GSM \ 140 cm width \ Twill weave
  • 1/16s x 1/14s x 124 x 60 \ 288 GSM \ 147 cm width \ Twill weave
  • 1/10s x 2/10s , 81 x 32 \ 364 GSM \ 150 cm width \ Oxford weave

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